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I'm new - which class is best for me?

LINE DANCE FOR BEGINNERS Are you new to line dance or dance fitness? Have you line danced before but are looking to return after an absence? This is a really fun class that gives you a gentler workout but has lots of health benefits for both the brain and body. Learn or recap the basic steps and simple dances set to great music in fun and friendly weekly classes. You'll make new friends and be learning a social skill that you can use at social dances anywhere to boot! More DetailsLINE DANCE FOR IMPROVERS & INTERMEDIATES This great is suitable for line dancers that have mastered a good knowledge of line dance terminology. In this class you can expect dances with various tempos and rhythms that have a wide variety of step patterns, turns, tags and restarts. This class has a faster teaching pace so previous experience of line dances at this level is essential. More DetailsFITSTEPS There are several great options to get you started on your Strictly dance fitness journey! FACE TO FACE CLASSES Beginners and newcomers are welcome in any class at any time. I regularly have new people join so it's unlikely you'll be the only one just starting out. You don't need to be a dancer or already be fit to join in, just show up as you are and make that start!

Classes are very friendly, you'll soon get to know people. Things may be very new to you at first, but rest assured you will very soon pick it up after your first few classes. Practice and repetition are key to success and you are moving and exercising whilst you are learning, and it doesn't matter if you "go wrong", trust me we ALL do. :-) It will soon become familiar, and you'll gain confidence with each class! More Details ​ LEARN ONLINE Learn the basics and do full classes in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you. Purchase access to the online tuition of the basics for both the FitSteps Original and FitSteps F.A.B programs. Choose from a 7 day single purchase plan or a monthly subscription.

allow yourself to be a beginner
allow yourself to be a beginner

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