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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Class

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I'm frequently asked which shoes are best for classes, and it’s a great question!

The right footwear is a MUST for dance and fitness classes. With so many options available, you're sure to find pair to fit your style and budget. Here’s a few pointers: 


Trainers are compulsory to take part in FitSteps classes.  Specific dance trainers with a spin spot and protective cushioning to lessen impact are ideal footwear, but flexible studio or “cross” trainers with not too much grip are also a really great choice.

Avoid running shoes as they provide too much grip and may cause joint injury when turning or twisting, and do not easily allow quick direction changes or sideways movements.

Another good tip is to add a fabric spin spot to a pair of (non running) trainers but are perhaps a little too grippy but otherwise fit the bill. 

Features to look for:

Impact protection / Gel cushioning / Foam soles

Spin spots

Toe boxes

Arch support (my personal choice is not for split soles, but yours may be! 😊)

High tops, low cut, split soles, or not, your choice of trainers will very much be a personal one but a few suggestions include: 

Line Dance

Lightweight, breathable low Cuban heeled practice dance shoes or dance fitness trainers that allow you to turn or pivot easily and allow free movement of the ankles are ideal. There are many different styles of each available, so again it’s very much personal preference.

Dance sandals or shoes that have a chrome sole (suede) are great for line dance classes. Although line classes are a low impact activity, they won't provide any impact protection if that's important to you.

Dance fitness trainers with spin spots are also a great choice and do offer impact protection for the more energetic dances! 😊

Although we may be line dancing, unless they are the lycra, chrome soled specifically made dance style, I don’t recommend dancing in regular boots! They are less breathable and flexible, are heavier and can be very restrictive around ankle joints so can tire feet quickly, and are unlikely to have an appropriately sole for dancing.

Slip on shoes, sling backs, flip flops or higher heels or stilettoes are not allowed in classes.

A few suggestions:

These are absolutely just a few pointers to help you find the right shoes for you. Once you've decided what type you'd like, get googling, find a website that offers free returns (you may need to try a few pairs to find your preference) and shop around! 

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