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Is Dancing good for both Body AND Brain?

Dancing is a real alternative to more traditional forms of exercise. Combining many physical, cognitive and emotional benefits, it uses ALL major muscles in the body and really gets your heart pumping. It absolutely is the BEST all round form of exercise whilst being social to boot!

  • Promotes weight loss by burning calories

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Improves cardiovascular health

  • Increases bone strength, reducing the risk of osteoporosis

  • Increases strength and stamina

  • Better coordination and flexibility – using your entire body and all limbs to perform different patterns and movements, you’ll see huge improvements in your co-ordination

  • Sharper thinking - Reduces the risk of dementia and age related decline

  • Improve your balance, reducing risk of falls

  • It may help to extend the number of years you can live independently

  • Better posture

  • Reduces stress

  • Improved sleep

  • Boosts those feel good endorphins to lift your mood and confidence, great for good mental health

  • It's very social! Meet like-minded people and learn a skill you can take anywhere

Which class is best for you?

The options are endless – the BEST class for you is one that suits your goals and that you are really going to enjoy. If you look forward to any form of exercise you’ll be far more likely to stick at it!

What is your motivating factor for looking for a class - do you want to first and foremost to meet people and learn a social skill? Maybe you have aspect(s) of your health and fitness that you want to improve, for example balance, posture, heart and mental health? Do you want a partnered or a solo dance class? Think about what kind of music you like and what age group may be more likely to attend that class if that’s important to you..

Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher or instructor what health benefits you could expect to improve by attending their class.

Types of dance – which should you choose?

If you’re unsure, think about trying a dance fitness class to start. Lots of dance and dance fitness classes incorporate a wide variety of dance genres and styles so you’ll get to learn and experience many different tempos and music styles to keep you interested. You may well decide you have a favourite style or prefer a variety. There are so many different class types available, here's a just few suggestions to think about:

  • Ballet

  • Ballroom

  • Belly dance

  • Dance Fitness/Aerobics

  • Latin

  • Linedance

  • Pole

  • Tap

How can you get started and join in?

  • In community classes in halls and local clubs

  • At your local dance school

  • At a gym

  • In your kitchen! Put your favourite music on and get moving! 😊

Check out local noticeboards' and Google to see what's near you!

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