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COVID-19 Secure Guidelines

EMD Instructor Ready Covid compliance certificate

To make sure that your classes are COVID compliant - here’s what you can expect when coming to class. Rest assured your classes will adhere to all guidelines and procedures outlined in the UK’s governing body for dance & fitness, EMD UK to ensure your classes are safe for return. As you will no doubt expect, we have a few new rules to keep you all safe, and you all know I love a rule! 😊:


  1. Contact Tracing & Bookings- All bookings MUST be made and paid for in advance via the website bookings system. Walk in places or in class payments are not possible. Please scan the QR code poster on entering the venue.

  2. PARQ – A new online PARQ health assessment form MUST be completed for assessment by Julie Rhoades when booking your first class. This form is used to determine your suitability for exercise, and includes questions related to COVID-19. Should your information change, you experience COVID symptoms or receive a positive COVID test, you must resubmit this form for assessment BEFORE booking your next class.

  3. Class Capacity – to ensure we abide by the rules for ventilation capacity per person, class numbers are capped to a maximum of 15 people. I have reduced this from the number possible to allow you all a little extra space to workout in.

  4. Social Distancing – Social distancing must be always maintained, and face masks always worn when queueing outside, entering, moving around, and exiting the building. Grouped seating is not permitted.

    1. 2.5m x 2.5m boxes will be marked out on the floor, your space will be allocated to you. You must remain in your own space throughout class. 

    2. Please bring your own hand sanitiser. It should be used on entering and exiting the building, and frequently throughout.

    3. Facemasks should be removed when exercise starts.

    4. No hugging folks – sorry! 

  5. Arrival times – please arrive at your class 5 minutes prior to the start time ready to start and wait outside, ensuring you maintain a 2m distance from others. You will be greeted at the door when it's time to enter. Doors are closed at start of class and late entries are not permitted, so please ensure you are on time. Changing facilities are not available.

  6. Personal Belongings – please ONLY bring into the venue with you the absolute essentials: keys, water bottles, hand sanitiser. Do not bring any loose items such as handbags, scarves, etc. Individual, socially distanced places to keep these minimal items are indicated in the class.

  7. Water and drinks – please bring your own water bottles with you. Bar facilities will not be available.  Please ensure you always maintain a 2m distance from other class goers during water breaks.

  8. Doors & Windows – all doors will be propped open for you, and only opened and closed by me. Windows will be open for ventilation.

  9. Hygiene – all floors, toilets, tables (used for personal item storage) and contact points are cleaned and sanitised before and after each class. Disinfectant spray is available for use in toilets and at wash hand basins during class. Hand sanitiser is available.

  10. COVID Symptoms – you should NOT attend class if you or any member of your household have symptoms of COVID-19, are shielding, clinically vulnerable or receive a positive COVID test result and should follow the NHS guidelines for testing and self-isolation:

    1. A high temperature

    2. A new, continuous cough

    3. A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Thank you all for your co-operation, stay safe and well!

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