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Choosing Your Workouts

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

You’ve identified your fitness goals. But how are you going to ensure you get results and meet them?

There are so many types of exercise, and endless ways to do them all. From dance, weight, resistance bands, yoga, Pilates to martial arts that you can do in community classes, gyms, apps, online classes or DVD’s, it can all feel a little overwhelming knowing what to do or where to start!

To be successful, It is crucial to choose and tailor the RIGHT types of workouts and exercise to help you meet your own individual goals. Your personal goals may well require a mix of several types of workouts. A complete fitness plan may encompass cardio, flexibility, core strength, balance, weights and stretching to name but a few, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Do ask instructors, trainers or group organisers not only about their qualifications, but also what health benefits you can expect to see from attending their classes or programs, and the suitability of the activity for you. See how it aligns to your own requirements and the goals you have set for yourself. Good instructors and trainers should always be happy to answer your questions honestly, and be prepared to either work alongside other instructors, or point you elsewhere if they are not qualified to teach what you want or need, or are not the best fit for you. It’s all about getting you to the right place and instructor for you.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Time – how much time do you have? If you are stuck for time, break it into smaller activities throughout the day - ten minutes is better than zero. Or cut the travel time and take an online class.

  • Is music important to you? Choosing a class or workout that uses music that you like can make your workout far more enjoyable and make it fly by!

  • Do you prefer to work out alone, or as part of a group? Group classes also give the benefit of being social and motivating. Seek out a group of likeminded people for support and motivation.

  • Get a workout buddy – you’re far more likely to exercise if someone else is holding you accountable.

  • Find a family activity or a class or gym with a creche if you struggle for childcare.

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