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Dance Floor Etiquette – What Does It Mean?

When you start to attend line dance classes, socials or events it will be of help to have an understanding of what industry accepted good line dance floor etiquette entails. This may appear to be common sense but even seasoned line dancers can forget! 😊

Dance floor etiquette shouldn't be considered as a bunch of rules to impede your fun, but rather as good manners and common-sense pointers about good dance floor behaviour to help ensure everyone dancing has fun, enjoys their dancing and stays safe.


  • Encourage and help beginners and newcomers - remember, everyone starts off as a beginner and a few kind words can really help to encourage them and may make you a new friend!

  • Always listen to the DJ or instructor. It is customary for them to designate the dance and to 'count you in'.

  • Start dances at the front of the floor, leaving room behind you for others to join.

  • Start off a new line, rather than join one that is already full and block the outside of the floor.

  • Join a dance that is already in progress on the end of a row with space.

  • Give your fellow dancers room to move. Don't hog floor space at their expense and don't accidently dance on top of them.

  • Always leave the outside edge of the dance floor clear for partner and couple dances.

  • Always give way to dancers around the edge of the floor.

  • Always keep the noise levels down when instruction or announcements are taking place.

  • Always clear the dance floor area after a dance ends and before the next dance begins if you're having a conversation with a friend. If you don't need the floor space for dancing, others do.

  • Apologise if you bump or collide with someone, even if it wasn't your fault.

  • Replace someone's drink if you accidentally spill or knock it over.

  • Thank your DJ, instructor and performers. They work hard for you!

  • Always... lift your head up, smile and have fun!


  • Never walk through moving dancers on the floor, walk around or wait until the dance has finished.

  • Never attempt to join (or leave) a dance in progress by walking through moving dancers to get the middle of the floor or “your spot”.

  • Walk across a floor with drinks or food, spillages can cause accidents.

  • Stand and talk on the floor, always leave the floor to chat.

  • Never, even if you know the dance being taught and the person next to you is struggling, talk over the instructor. It is confusing to the learner and irritating to those around you, not to mention the instructor.

  • Start a different dance unless there's plenty of room at the back of the floor.

  • Don't turn your limbs into dangerous objects by doing variations like fast spins or high kicks.

Line dancers on a dance floor
Line dancers on a dance floor

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