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How to tailor your FitSteps workout to best suit YOU

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Some helpful hints as to how you can take your FitSteps class at a pace to suit you, it really is for everyone!

We know that FitSteps can be done at varying levels of intensity and impact, but what does this actually mean, and how can you use it to tailor your workout?

Low intensity - when the physical effort is made easier.

How? - This could involve keeping arm movements below shoulder height to lessen the raising of the heart rate, reducing the bounce in dances like jive or samba, removing calve raises and avoiding dancing on the balls of the feet, reducing the depth of squats or lunges or removing floor touches and side stretches.

Low impact – ensuring one foot remains in contact with the ground at all times, reducing the amount of force against the floor.

How? – Examples include replacing moves such as “ quickstep jump jump squats” with taps or points and closes, or keeping one foot on the floor for “ quickstep tap taps” or “jive Rock ‘n Roll kicks and combos”

High intensity - is when the physical effort is made harder

How? - Examples include taking the arms above shoulder height to further raise the heart rate, raising knees higher on jive flicks, higher kicks, adding more “bounce” or calve raises, and increasing the size of strides and depth on lunges, adding twist, floor touches, wider arms, straighter legs, bending lower into the legs on step points.

High impact - when both feet leave the floor

How? - ensuring both feet leave the floor on moves such as jumps and jive rock ‘n roll kicks.

Can I mix and match impact and intensity?

Yes! Intensity and Impact options can also be mixed and matched to suit yourself, for example:

Low impact & higher intensity:

Jive kicks – tapping the floor keeping one foot grounded whilst arms are pushed high into the air.

Low Intensity & Low Impact:

Waltz lunge – reduce the size of stride and keep the arms low whilst doing alternating arms forward and back.

Remember variations for both impact and intensity are always shown throughout the class, you absolutely WON'T be the only person doing something different. FitSteps is designed to be tailored and adjusted, and everyone's experience is different with people choosing a variety of options that best suit them. You'll find a people of a wide age range and varying fitness abilities in classes, you'll fit in! New class members are always surprised how quickly the hour goes, you'll be having so much fun you'll not notice how hard you are working. Always feel free to ask me or your own instructor where you are for advice.

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